Salton Sea Engagement Session

When they first met it wasn’t the right time. She turned him down flat out but as he walked away she noted to her friend how disappointed he looked. A few months later, at the same place, with the same friend, they spotted each other again and Helen turned to her friend saying “Hey it’s that guy…” This time though, it was the right time.

Hearing stories of how people met is like studying a history timeline. How one moment can change the whole course of events. It always reminds us how mysterious love works, how timing is so important and fate certainly has its way of working out. When Helen reached out to us she immediately shared her story, of being in a previous relationship that was toxic and once that ended having Nick reappear, placed right in front of her. Love happened when she needed it most and she simply wanted their love to be captured in photos. Honestly we couldn’t have been more honored that she asked us.

We brought these two to Salton Sea in the middle of nowhere, in 100+ degree temps with winds blowing their hairs every which way and seriously we could not thank them enough for being such troopers. Nick+Helen, we so look forward to seeing your love grow and where it may take you. Thank you for letting us do this for you. We hope you’ll be able to look back on these and just remember how loved you felt, how safe, how happy.


This song is highly played on one of Joe’s playlists and in the car during our drive back it came on, which Helen noted how much she liked it. Press play, soak up their photos and make sure to check the video at the end.


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salton sea polaroid

salton sea at dusk