Every time we put together a behind the scenes post we wonder: why are we putting these out there? No one has ever hired us after seeing these photos. Or at least no one has told us “Hey we saw those unflattering photos of you working and thought, yes those are our photographers!”

But then we realized, wait this is

why you should hire us*

*find the humor in these and we’ll be best friends


Let us count the ways.

^ looking absurdly happy? crazy? while your friends and family enjoy themselves? Check.

^ air violin playing to set the mood during photos.

^ or if you prefer singing we can do that too.

^ in case your brown leather shoes give you blisters, we’ve got backup.

^ yes pinning a boutonniere is part of our resume (or at least it’s on Joe’s, don’t ask Kathrina to do it)

^ you can ask Kathrina to show off her dance moves though.

^ (and below) getting in the way of your photos during sweet moments? we’ve got you.

^ smiling behind your back with your maid of honor? totally. (love you Lindsey)

^ asking us to carry a canoe is totally normal for us.

^ smiling and skipping through a random dirt patch is also normal for us.

^ standing off to the side and thinking how cute you guys are. yep we’ll do that. (David+Madison are really cute by the way)

^ fixing your veil, we’ve got you. (promise I’m not pulling Dai-Trang’s hair here)

^ don’t think only Joe knows how to get in the way of photos. (by the way this photo turned out perfect without K in it)

^ promise to take our shoes off when we stand on your bed.

^ what can we say, Joe knows how to talk it up with you and your girl friends.

^ and yes we will take a photo with your friends when they ask.

^ (and below) even if they don’t ask, we’ll jump in the background and make sure to smile.

^ we’ll make sure the background looks good for your photos (obviously Joe is not feeling the left one)

^ we’ll also warm up the altar for you (this church was way cool)

^ detail photos. Kathrina likes to have her alone time with them.

^ if you have a Habit food truck, we’ll stand in line for their burger and fries.

^ photos and chatting up with our favorite people to work with (Tasteful Tatters, Ryan McDuff and Lane). you guessed it, we will also do that.

(Cristina below, “Um hey guys stop talking and focus.”)

^ oh you want a photo with us? or course we’ll take one!

^ in case you’re not sure how to smile or what to do, Kathrina will show you the way. (I really don’t know why I do these faces)

^ if you’re up for it, we’ll play hide and seek with you.

^ chatting it up with you in the middle of photos, we happily do that. (Lauren’s face, haa we love you!)

^ aaand another flattering photo of Kathrina. (man, we died on this one)

^ want to see a video and not just photos of us? watch below!

So many good reasons right? Thankfully every ridiculous thing we do doesn’t get caught on camera.

We met and worked with some pretty amazing people last year. Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Excited. to see what and who this year brings into our life.