Lake Arrowhead Mountain Wedding

We’ve personally known Lindsey for quite a few years now – at least fourteen years (wow just did the math right now and didn’t realize it’s actually been that long!). And for the past few years we’ve heard about this Johnny guy. We never actually met him until a few months before their wedding and when we finally did, we fully understood why he was the one for Lindsey. With her quick wit and his thoughtfulness, there’s no better way to explain it other than that they balance each other out perfectly.

This wedding was planned within two months. The annual family reunion in Lake Arrowhead turned wedding weekend at the family cabin by the lake. And can we just say, they pulled it off.

We know that a lot of people were waiting for these two to get married. And while we too wondered when it would happen, we never thought we’d be the ones to photograph it. When Lindsey told us they got engaged and asked us to be part of it we were so freaking excited.

Lindsey is a hairstylist and that’s how her and I actually met (I was the receptionist at a hair salon and she started to work there as an assistant). I have no idea when she started to cut my hair but then my mom and sisters started going to her and she even did both my sisters’ hair and makeup for their wedding. Seriously, we love this girl.

Okay how great is that light?! We had way too much fun shooting with it while she was getting ready.

diy wedding altar

Can you believe the day before there was a thunderstorm. Every summer Lindsey and her family go to Lake Arrowhead regularly and not once has it rained. Their wedding day and the rest of the weekend though was all clear skies.

outdoor lake arrowhead wedding

This was one request Lindsey had and we just loved how it looks as a collage.

wedding portaits by the lake wedding portraits by lake arrowhead wedding at lake arrowhead lake arrowhead mountain wedding vintage wedding cake topper

The cutest vintage cake toppers! They’re actually Johnny’s grandparents’ and we just thought they were the sweetest set we’ve seen.

wedding photos at sunset

We were supposed to be done with photos of them but as we saw the sun slowly go behind the trees and spill golden light we couldn’t sit on it any longer. We pulled Johnny+Lindsey steps towards the lake and took a few minutes with them for these photos. So happy we did.

Lindsey’s dad just showed up on the dance floor with all the moves! We love these photos.

Grandma, Dad, Nephew dancing together. We love these little moments.