Behind The Scenes

This is how we look when we’re working.

Or playing hide and seek. And not quite succeeding. 

Over the years of putting together a behind the scenes post, pretty sure we have gotten more ridiculous. Or we’re just finally realizing it. Don’t answer that. Never sure if these photos actually sell anyone on hiring us but hey at least you know we have a good time.

I take carrying dresses v seriously.

Her on the other hand…

Psst. Turn around.

You ever feel like you’re being watched?

Now everyone look at Joe walk down the stairs. 

us vs. phones

That one wedding when you show up dressed like the bridesmaids.

Hands off dude.

Simon says, make this face!

Where there is a car. There is Joe.

Setting off pink smoke bombs…walk away, nothing to see here. 

Where there is a sweet moment, there we are.

When your shirt matches the bushes.

The next two photos were taken at the same spot, different times. One of us is way more profesh.

Pretty sure we were choreographing a dance here.

You almost didn’t see him did you.

Joe! You’re being robbed!

This face says: I’m a tourist/photographer/it’s hot here in Italy.