Tim + Lindsey.

Joshua Tree National Park Session

A fall session in the desert. From bright sun to dusk to flash.

They met in high school. Actually, they met in middle school but he doesn't remember that. Right before winter formal senior year they made it official. They made it through college "long distance" and even though they knew for a long time already that they were going to marry each other, they're officially doing that in a month!

Choosing Joshua Tree

We had a lot of back and forth with Tim + Lindsey on where to do their session. Originally they were thinking of somewhere "woodsy" but local. Orange County isn't really known for forests so that was kind of a difficult task. After some brainstorming, they realized they might have pigeon holed themselves into the woodsy setting. So we gave them some time to think about what it was they really wanted. They came back knowing what it was they definitely didn't want, and that was a city setting. So it came down between a charming old downtown area versus Joshua Tree. Ultimately Joshua Tree was chosen. They love visiting national parks together (even having one of those national park stamp books) and hadn't checked this one of their list. We're not ones to like to shoot at the same place all the time but Joshua Tree is one that always shows up for us. And after roaming the desert with them, it really was the perfect choice for them.

What to Wear in the Desert

We always talk with our couples before their session about what to wear. What works in front of the camera, what to consider specifically for the location we'd be shooting at—ie, a bright pop of color like orange against the desert backdrop is great. And Lindsey went all in asking for our input—we fully appreciated that. And day of she brought extra options. Including one outfit, a bright orange two piece set, that she wasn't sure about. But her friends gagged when they first saw her in it. And honestly just her holding up to us we were like, "WEAR IT." We always advocate wearing what you're comfortable in but sometimes a little push is needed and that's what needed to happen here. After they got their photos, she thanked us for making her wear it. You'll see for yourself.

Lindsey was pretty nervous in the beginning of their session. Even taking a break to drink some liquid courage. But we always work through it with our couples. And in the end we were joking about Alexis Rose wrists and doing nose boops and having a great time all while making photos together.

engagement session in joshua tree national park
guy and girl hugging in front of a boulder in joshua tree
couple high fiving in the desert
engagement session in joshua tree national park
engagement session in joshua tree national park
couple holding hands in with a desert background
smiling couple in love holding hands with joshua tree in the background
man and woman walking through the desert holding hands
smiling couple holding hands with yucca trees in the background
couple snuggling in the desert with the woman wearing a bright orange outfit
engagement session in joshua tree national park
photo of a couple in the desert with the moon high above them
couple roaming in joshua tree with flash photography
couple in joshua tree national park with flash photography
couple holding hands goofing off in the desert with flash photography

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