A Slow Paris Morning

Our last morning in Paris.

Enjoying bread (our favorite food in Paris? bread, more specifically croissants. couldn’t get enough of it), coffee and making photos. When we were looking at Airbnbs in Paris we really wanted one with the quintessential “Parisian window” (you know the one, big windows that open up to views of the city and you can sit and pose right in front of it. yeah that one) and some character.

We didn’t find one with as much character as we wanted that was within our budget – hello intricate crown moldings and arched entryways – but this window made us happy. Across the way was an older man that would cut onions outside in his patio and leave his cat to eat. It was very “Paree Paree”.

Knowing it was our last morning there we just really wanted to take it slow and enjoy lazing around the apartment. So we put a record on and donning a dress with fun sleeves, an antique mirror and that window we had fun making some photos.

We have quite a bit of unpublished personal travel photos. And well seeing as we are all trying to stay at home these days we figured what better time than now to start sharing more of them. We did one post already of our Paris trip HERE if you’d like to see and below is the video we created from that trip. Aaaand this should have occupied at 6 minutes of your day.