portrait with black palm leaf

Black Palm

For Palm Sunday my parents cut some palm leaves from their garden, assembled it as a sort of door swag and gave them to their kids. It was really pretty and lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. Once the sun started to blast on it though the leaves started to stiffen more and turn into a lighter shade of green. Everyday after walks with Lloyd we would open the front door and I would just look at it, waiting for it to speak to me (haha).

Staying at home we have constantly been looking for something to be inspired by and shoot — we’re looking at you, Wall! So finally we just took the swag off the door, painted the palms black, set up a black back drop and this is what we created.


at home portrait black palm portrait stay home portrait with palm leaf


That handshake right there. That’s for our high school buddies – they are probably most definitely not reading this ha but we miss you guys.


at home couple portrait at home portrait with black palm leaf