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Family 10.20.20

Six Years Since Their Last Family Session, and Now There are Four

While I helped Chrissy change dresses and Joe hung back with Scott watching the sun set, we found out separately just how much they went through for this pregnancy. How they had given up. How they were told it wasn't possible to have another child. And as soon as they lost hope, they found out that they were having their miracle baby.

Portrait 05.06.20

Black Palm At Home Portrait

Staying at home we have constantly been looking for something to be inspired by and shoot -- we're looking at you, Wall! We painted some palms black and had at it. This is what we created.

Portrait 04.28.20

Stay Home Photo Inspiration

We started brainstorming ideas of what photos we could create at home. It's been fun, challenging, frustrating, annoying, fulfilling, pointless, narcissistic and everything in between. This one included butterflies.

Couples 02.05.20

Because Everything in Their Lives Together Officially Starts at Disneyland

We got a text from Cristina saying she had a super secret project she wanted us to work on with her. Without really knowing what we were getting ourselves into we responded with yeses and exclamation points but to each other we said, "I bet she's pregnant." And sure enough she was.

Couples 10.07.19

Making Pancakes and Bacon and Wearing PJs for a Family Session

At Home Family Sessions Whenever we're taking photos we always try to put ourselves in the situation and think: What would we want photos of? What would we want to remember about this day, this mom...

Couples 10.03.19

Chris, Tayla, Greyson, and Hudsen

The Schoettgers // Welcome Greyson We walked in their home with hushed tones, mouthing squeals with toothy grins. On the sofa sat Tayla, a tired but content smile on her face. In her arms snuggled a ...