Marfa, Texas

Marfa! Marfa! Marfa!

We were sort of surprised whenever we mentioned to people that we were going to Marfa they had no idea where that was. Even people that lived in Texas. Once we actually got to Marfa though we kind of understood why. Personally we loved Marfa, it was our sort of town to explore. Empty structures, old signs, cool design, art installations, everything was literally asking us to take its photo.**

**to which we say, we know weddings happen here. we even snooped around a venue there and literally Marfa would be so awesome for a wedding and or elopement. So if you’re thinking about it, think about us too ;) we’d love to shoot here. we wouldn’t even charge for travel. so holler at us.

end of PSA


Our biggest gripe about Marfa, and warning to you if you plan on visiting, is the fact that not all the places are open every day. After we figured out our road trip itinerary and knew the days we’d be in Marfa, we looked up all the spots we wanted to see and quickly realized a lot of the places weren’t even going to be open. Let’s reiterate that this is a small town. And when businesses say “hours may vary” they really mean that. There was one place we wanted to eat at and were excited that it was actually (supposed to be) open but when got there we found it was attached to someone’s home and that day they decided not to be open.

Let’s not take away from how cool this town is though. We also found and flipped through this book about some of the rad architecture and design of Marfa homes. So good.

At the end of this post we put together a list of places that was on our list to check out. Whether we actually did or not is another story but if you’re planning on a visit to this amazing town hope it helps.


When we were putting this post together we realized how many photos of signs we took. We have a thing for signs so apologies beforehand.

marfa texasmarfa hotel marfa texas marfa signs marfa art stardust motel sign

yes that’s a PINK fire station.

marfa pink fire station marfa highway sign highland service station marfa highland service station marfaprada marfa prada marfa

Capri. Associated with Thunderbird Hotel. This is the wedding space we were talking about. We’ve seen photos of some pretty cool weddings. Seriously, call us.

capri marfaholiday inn marfa thunderbird hotel marfa marfa hotel thunderbird restaurant stop talking signmarfa beermarfapor vida marfa

This house had the slightest shade of purple for its front door. Look how cute it is. We were about to move in.

marfa home marfa public library welcome to marfa sign

Like we mentioned, majority of the places we had on our list were not open when we were there. A lot of them seem to be open Fridays and Saturdays – while we were there on a Sunday and Monday. Marfa is small. You’ll pass most of these places while you’re driving from one spot to the next. If you do visit or have visited, we’d love to hear about your trip :)

Places to eat, drink //

  • Boyz ii Men food truck: the name alone should have you wanting to go here. heard delicious things about this place
  • Marfa Burrito: another place that had our mouths watering from reviews but alas was closed when we were there
  • Planet Marfa: outdoor bar. closed when we were there but looked super cute
  • Do Your Thing: coffee and book place
  • Pizza Foundation: only place that was actually open during our visit. nothing spectacular but we didn’t starve and ordered a large so we had leftovers the 2nd night so we were happy
  • The Get Go grocery: weird to say about a grocery store but this place was pretty cute and so well organized. came in clutch when we needed a couple of things for our lunch. it’s expensive but when all restaurants are closed and all you have left is bread, you are thankful (had us wondering where locals actually go grocery shopping because clearly this place was priced for hungry tourists)

Places to see, shop //

  • Prada Marfa: actually in Valentine, TX and about 30 minutes northwest from Marfa. you’ve probably seen a lot of photos of this, it was fun to actually see in person
  • Chinati Foundation: we were trying really hard to make it here on time before it closed but alas we didn’t. we wanted to see the concrete installation so bad. we drove by it and got a peek of it
  • Freda Shop
  • Moonlight Gemstones

Places to stay //