Not sure where to really begin with this one. Personally I’ve followed Sarah Rhoads and her career with her husband since they were wedding photographers in Seattle. When her and Chris became We Are The Rhoads, Joe and I could not stop looking at their photos and reading every article we could find on them. We won’t even try to summarize their work, just look at their site and you’ll see. Without a doubt there has been at least one image of theirs that you’ve seen in ads and magazines. Their work, their photos, the trajectory of their career is one we have wholeheartedly admired for years.

So when you meet and freaking photograph photographers that are your inspiration. Yeah.

And before we geek out way too much (oh we’ve already done that? oops), we need to add that not only are these two beyond talented, after meeting them you quickly realize they are even betterĀ people. Talking with them is fascinating and you learn they’re humble, sincere, so kind and freaking awesome. Also their home is dripping with plants, surrounded by books and oozing with good taste. Okay we’ll stop now.

This shoot was for an article feature here and if you’re like us you will devour every word.

sarah rhoads at home sarah rhoads at home we are the rhoads at home sarah rhoads we are the rhoads sarah rhoads at home

and yes, if you’re wondering, that is a tipi in their backyard.

at home session we are the rhoads at home


They really are super kind people. These are beautiful images of all of them! Wonderful work!

Thanks so much Candice! Their genuine personalities made everything about them even better. It was so inspiring meeting them.

I’ve also admired these two for many years, such a sweet and insanely talented duo! These photos are so beautiful! Excellent work.

Thanks Noelle! They really are all that and more. It was so refreshing to meet people you’ve admired for forever and learn they are even more awesome in real life :)