downtown los angeles engagement session
Evan + Sam

Sweet Downtown Los Angeles Engagement Session

Bringing it back to where their relationship first budded and then solidified.

When it comes to sessions and starting the conversation as to where to do it, we love when couples lean into meaningful locations and ideas. Don't get us wrong, we love adventuring through pretty scenery but sometimes there is so much story to tell when it's a place that hold so much heart for the couple personally.

For Evan + Sam, that was in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Near the courthouse where they first met, where they had a lot of their first dates at, and eventually their first place together. We started outside the building of their first apartment and walked through the streets and alleys. Listening to their stories of late nights, date spots, and protests that happened right outside their window. And in between we took photos from random spots that called to us, to nostalgic meaningful places like the restaurant of their first date. We do a lot of sessions and weddings in Los Angeles, but this was a really fun one for us to see it through their eyes.

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