Five Minutes


Let's be honest. Even after all the time spent with our couple talking over the schedule, voicing our hopes and dreams for photo time, and being on the same page — come wedding day, things always change. Which is okay, we know this will happen, we expect it to. It is our job to "worry" about it, it is our job as artists to get creative and well, do our job.

We had 15 minutes slotted for more photos while the sun set into dusk (blue hour, our favorite). Celebrations were happening, which duh that's fine, it's a wedding! Unfortunately for us all though, the sun waits for no one. By the time we were able to pull Michael and Amanda, we only had five minutes total to walk to a spot for photos, take the photos and walk back for the next festivities.

Would we have hoped for more time? Of course, always. But you bet your sun bum that we will make the best of it.