Heritage Hill State Park


Heritage Hill State Park Wedding

They were having a hard time finding a photographer that understood their vision and one they felt connected with. So she popped her head over to her coworker and asked if she to knew anyone — a coworker who we happened to photograph and thankfully liked us and our work and said she had just the people. So Amy sent us an email describing their low stress wedding day at Heritage Hill State Park and after a few emails back and forth and her appreciation for our outlook on photos, we knew they were our kind of people.

Connecting with people that understand and share how we see weddings and how we work, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s air we want to breathe more of.


We only talked with Ryland+Amy through Skype and didn’t officially meet until the morning of their wedding day. Which can be nerve wracking, but when you know you know and when you feel it in your gut that’s it’s going to be good.

It is good.

There are some couples you meet and you can, not only feel, but also see their love. Getting to photograph it is something special. And experiencing that with Ryland+Amy sent us all the good vibes.

venue: Heritage Hill State Park