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A Drive In Wedding Ceremony


There is a lot to unpack here with this wedding. THAT IS FEATURED ON GREEN WEDDING SHOES might we add.

We first met Lauren at the point when she was anxiously waiting for Nick to propose to her. She loved him madly, they got each other and she knew, he knew, they were meant for each other. They also knew what they wanted their wedding to be like — music festival vibes with aaaall their friends and family. Every idea she shared, her eyes lit up talking into detail all their plans and inside my heart I knew we had to be part of it. 2019 it happened, they got engaged. Date was picked and by March 2020 we were officially going to photograph their wedding in February 2021. Y’all know what happens next, we don’t need to go into detail.

And for Nick and Lauren, a lot happened between that year. Jobs lost, family lost, the question of what to do for their wedding during a pandemic hung over their heads. They went through all the options: a micro wedding, an elopement, postponement. Nothing felt right for them.

Then this idea came to be —

A Drive In Wedding

Immediate family only, along with the few friends that would have been part of their wedding party. It would be COVID friendly, everyone would drive in their cars, watch the ceremony in the comfort of their vehicle as it broadcasts to their radio, hamburgers and fries served to them and a movie afterward — Jurassic Park, the first movie Nick and Lauren ever watched together. No one would need to get out of their cars, everyone would stay safe and distanced and be there to celebrate their love.

And so the stage was set

Like literally, look at that backdrop. Rogue and Fox Floral were at the helm of this colorfully beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece and it just couldn’t have fit Nick and Lauren’s style and minds more.


colorful wedding ceremony stage backdropwedding ceremony backdrop

Their Style — so colorful and fun

We couldn’t have loved Lauren’s lewk more. From the dress that’s not really a wedding dress but who cares, to the suit that’s not just any ol’ boring suit. These two brought their own style and flavor and we loved it all.

unique wedding dress


None of this would have come together without Emilee of Tasteful Tatters who we know first hand toured numerous parking lots to find one that would work for this drive-in wedding. Emilee also custom designed these wedding invitations because she’s a rock star like that.

They opted not to do a first look so this was them,  Lauren hidden behind a blanket wall with Nick on the other side, peeking out towards the ceremony and listening in.

On paper this might all sound too weird

A wedding ceremony in a…parking lot? With the couple walking between an aisle…of cars?

Welcome to 2020/21 weddings. Creative, out of the box, unique, smaller, focused on love. And you know what, it all works. Because at the end of the day, it’s love that’s the reason for weddings, everything else is just extra.


drive in wedding ceremony covid wedding colorful los angeles wedding

While we whisked away Nick and Lauren for their photos, a mariachi band played for everyone.

just married

The Clara Los Angeles

The wedding took place at The Clara in Los Angeles. A really unique venue with lighting installations and painted artwork inside while the outside is surrounded by all the urban textures of LA. We really wanted to utilize all of it from the artwork to the graffiti to the bathroom that had such good light coming in. Yeah, you read that right.


inside the clara los angeles moody wedding portrait wedding at the clara los angeles inside the clara los angeles

Mask Up

After everyone was served their hamburgers and fries, Nick and Lauren masked up and went around to each car thanking everyone for coming.


A cake to match

Lauren’s sister is deployed out of the country so unfortunately wasn’t able to attend. But she did have a cake made that perfectly matched the entire mood of the day.


colorful los angeles wedding wedding portraits in los angeles graffiti wedding portraits

And once the light went down the movie rolled

The first movie they watched together on a date, Jurassic Park. At first a seemingly odd choice but if you know these two, it totally makes sense and is perfect.


drive in movie wedding style drive in movie wedding style

Did we mention this wedding is featured on Green Wedding Shoes?!

We couldn’t be more excited about that. This will be our first full wedding feature on GWS and we are just so freaking thrilled. You can read more about this wedding from Nick+Lauren themselves on the feature HERE.


We know how much each and every single person Nick and Lauren worked with for their wedding meant to them. Cheers to this team —

Venue: The Clara Los Angeles
Photography: Joe+Kathrina
Design and Coordination: Tasteful Tatters (those amazing invitations also custom designed by Emilee)
Floral Design: Rogue & Fox Floral Co
Videography: Press Films
Dress: Teuta Matoshi
Hair: Sabrina Delgadillo
Makeup: Jenny Zamora
Suit: The Black Tux
Food: TK Burgers
Cake: Sugar Studio LA
Officiant: Friends of Spirit (also their couples therapist!)
Sound and Lighting: Waveform Events
Specialty Rentals: MTB Event Rentals