Apartment Session

We sort of hate the idea that you need to do photos for special celebrations only. Like lately we’ve been hearing one too many times from couples that they think engagement sessions are only for right when they get engaged. “Oh we’ve been engaged for over a year, we don’t need photos.” Or when people haven’t had photos taken of them, minus selfies, since they were married. Which was over 10 years ago.

Not to sound like a hallmark card but,

This may sound cliche, especially coming from photographers but really¬†we push this with good intention — photographs are meant for the everyday. Capture how you are right now. Celebrate where you are at this very moment. Remember the small moments.


He just started his first official job for his career after years of school. And that same week moved into his first very own apartment without roommates. Trips to Target for new Star Wars bedsheets, reading 50 page manuals to put together a wine rack, deciding where to put Kitty’s bed. That’s where life was at this moment for Andrew+Quyen. And gosh darnit we celebrated with photos. Oh and Mexican food because well, ah-doy.

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