snowy big bear small wedding

Big Bear Elopement

You could almost hear each snowflake as they fell on our shoulders.

It was just us. In this magical snow globe.

Focusing on each other and trying to keep our teeth from chattering. Ignoring the fact that our fingers were turning a pretty shade of purple. And giving the best way to keep warm was to snuggle.


big bear winter elopement

Why we love intimate elopements

We live for this stuff. Adventurous couples willing to go out in the elements. Couples who are more focused on each other and the reason why we are there: because of love. We want more of these unconventional ideas — like running off to the mountains during a winter storm to take photos — and we want couples open to the possibilities. Let’s remember what’s important and let’s definitely have more of this.


Initially we were planning to shoot at sunrise but we saw that snow was in the forecast. We woke to darkness and no break in the clouds. So instead we changed plans, drove around to look for a new location, set up the table, scoured for pine cones and twigs from trees — as the snow started to fall.

This is what small weddings, intimate elopements allow for. Spontaneity, finding beauty in its moments and being present as life is happening.


snowy mountain wedding small winter wedding


Easy Elopement Details

While Emilee set up the tabletop details of plexiglass menus, gingerbread mug toppers and paper cut out trees, we gathered pine cones and tree trimmings found on the snow. That’s the best part about getting married in nature, being able to use what’s around as details. Keeping it simple and green.


big bear elopement details plexiglass wedding menu elopement table setting


Want to know a secret? This cake is just grocery store bought. Hot tip: get a cake with plain white frosting and you’re got yourself a perfect wedding cake. Again we just added greenery that we found on the snow and Emilee had these cute paper tree cut outs that made for the perfect cake topper.


easy elopement wedding cake


Winter Wedding Style

So, true story. When the weather turned the day before our makeup artist wasn’t able to make it up the mountain. Honestly, we were scrambling on what to do. Emilee’s assistant ended up doing Britney’s makeup while Kathrina did her hair. When you’re planning your elopement or small wedding, surround yourself with people you trust.


winter bride style winter wedding bridal bouquet


Again we weren’t really planning for snow but Britney’s outfit really lent to add hidden layers. Under her pink tulle skirt she wore long thermals to keep her legs warm and had warm boots on for her tootsies. Thankfully she also had a long sleeved sweater that matched her skirt to add another warm layer under her faux fur top.


pink wedding dress big bear elopement intimate big bear wedding

Work with people you can count on:
Photography: Joe+Kathrina
Coordination + Planning: Emilee of Tasteful Tatters
Flower: Centia of Petal
Rentals: Circa Rentals