These two are just the sweetest for each other. We love when we’re interacting with a couple and at the end of the day saying “Yeah I see why they’re together”. They just make sense. They compliment each other like a good pair of shoes. And you can clearly see how much they love one another.

Dustin has that sweet Texan charm while Cristina has that lovable spunk and together they just make photographing their love so easy.


Lake Arrowhead Engagement Session

We started off their session by going on a little canoe ride on the lake – which we were all so excited about going into it. Truth be told it didn’t start off smoothly but hey we got it together! Afterwards we ran towards the sun into the woods and soaked up every last bit of light.

couple in a canoe in lake arrowhead couple in a lake with navarro canoe couple canoeing in the middle of lake arrowhead couple standing in front of lake arrowhead couple surrounded by trees in lake arrowhead couple snuggling surrounded by trees in lake arrowhead couple snuggling in front of trees lake arrowhead at dusk