Casa Cody Wedding Weekend

Part I

We arrived as the welcome party was still being set up. The speakers just getting plugged in and tested for volume. Sounds of metal cans and glass bottles being dropped in coolers. Pool floaties being blown up. Some friends already lounging in the pool and soaking up the desert sun.

People continued to arrive and soon we were meeting friends they’ve had since grade school. Sisters and brothers who are best friends. The best dad to three girls. Looking around at each person that fill their lives, learning how loved Steve and Lauren truly are.

Weddings where we can fully immerse ourselves, where throughout the weekend friends are asking “So how long have you guys been friends with them?” (uh we’ve only met once – but really we know what they’re saying) and that is the best feeling. Our favorite thing about this thing we call a job. Where we all become familiar, where we’re in the thick of it and we can laugh and join in and by the second day we are truly part of it all.

There were a lot of photos from this wedding. A lot. So we split it in two posts.

This was day one. The next day was even better and you can see that —> here.

Also take note. Booking out a bed & breakfast hotel like Casa Cody for your wedding. The greatest idea eva.