Summer Afternoons at Home

Meet Willie+April. They met in high school, have been married for a few years now, and recently got a pup named Whiskey.

We know, they’re like our doppelgangers but like the way cooler version. At one point we even compared photos of Willie’s and Joe’s hair fros, it was uncanny.

We spent an afternoon with them in their home, sharing drinks and snacking on chips and salsa in between shooting. Albeit we talked more than we shot (oops) but honestly it was a nice pace. We did things that they enjoyed around their home – like lounging on the sofa with their pup, making drinks, riding their skateboards outside, and playing catch with their pup.

Every year they get photos of them taken and we love that. After couples get married they forget about having photos taken together until they have kids and only do it with their kids. Or even couples that feel like they have to wait until they’re engaged to take any photos. Photos are memories guys. Don’t feel the need for a special occasion as the only reason to take photos together.


But we digress. Here’s a summer afternoon at home with Willie+April and their sweet little pup Whiskey. Puppy play dates are definitely in the future with her and our Lloydy boy.

puppy snuggling on lap summer afternoons at home jumping on the bed with a puppy at home session laying in bed with a puppy summer afternoons at home skateboarding with puppy summer afternoons at home