The Homestead Oak Glen Fall Wedding

We met these two a few years back in Aspen, Colorado where we were photographing their friend’s wedding. And we still explicitly remember them saying to us it was a good thing we weren’t photographing them because they are so awkward in front of the camera and take terrible photos. But that didn’t matter anyway because they were never getting married.

Famous last words.

Fast forward to last year when we got an email from Carissa saying “Long time no talk…so by the way Mike and I are getting married!”

The best feeling is when you know someone wants you to be their photographers. Carissa reached out to us with nothing planned. Not one thing set in stone. Maybe in October, want something woodsy and outdoors and we’re hiring you right now. When we all caught up for dinner before the wedding she told us how she turned down venues that didn’t let her choose her own photographers. “Oh we already have photographers.” Thank u, next.

And an even better feeling is, after having both of them profusely tell us they’re really bad with photos and wish us luck taking one good photo of them, we’re proud to say we think we got more than one.


It felt so wonderfully fall on their wedding day. The leaves were golden, the air was crisp, clouds were passing through the mountains and it smelled like campfire. The surroundings at the Homestead in Oak Glen were just the perfect setting.



Guys have it pretty easy for the whole “getting ready” part. But it’s always fun to get those photos of you just chillin with your boys.



That’s Nick right there helping Mike with his suspenders, he was the one that got married in Assssspen with the lovely Lana.

So we actually lied. Technically we knew Mike already because we all went to same high school (along with Lana). But our high school was huge so we never actually really knew or even talked with Mike during those good ol’ days. Still pretty wild that we were part of his wedding – would never have imagined that!



These guys were so fun to be around. We gave them a hard time but really we appreciated their attitude, they were great.



Could not get over the green bridesmaids’ dresses. In love. The shade was perfect. And having the guys wear blue, it was just the perfect combo.



Mike swore he wouldn’t cry. Carissa told us these were her favorite photos showing proof he did indeed cry when she walked down the aisle.



We’ve never been happier proving someone wrong when we first sent Carissa this photo after their wedding.



These goons. Stretching before their first dance.




Photographers: Joe+Kathrina
Venue: The Homestead
Dress: Maggie Sottero
Hair: Noelle Peterson
Caterer: Haverland Catering