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Wasewagan Summer Camp Wedding

If you had asked Adam+Grace a few months before their wedding where they were getting married at, they would have shrugged and said somewhere in the woods...question mark? That's all they knew. They wanted it to be outdoors and in the forest. Enter Camp Wasewagan.

It had everything they wanted and more. Their ceremony in the woods among the trees with the river behind them. Activities in between for everyone to enjoy like badminton, archery, and a climbing wall. Cabins for them to stay at. And at the end of the night, a bonfire for everyone to enjoy.

A lot of family and friends wouldn't be able to attend so they were keeping it smaller. With thoughtful details and a lot of consideration for what they wanted, the result felt very much Adam+Grace. Driving in the middle of the forest, crossing a river to park, watching the sun dance in between the pine trees, and the sound of Grace's nervous giggles (if you know her, you know). It felt like a fond childhood memory, of ice cream on a warm day dripping down your hand. Sweet, leaving you smiling at the end.

camp wasewagan

Summer Camp Details

Wasewagan has a lot of activities for you to do (perfect if you're planning a wedding weekend too!) from volleyball, badminton, archery, and hammocks for those that just want to relax. Adam+Grace added their own fun details like having compass favors, foraging the forest for pine cones and having a "largest pine cone" contest.

big bear summer camp wedding
compass wedding favor and seating chart
wedding at wasewagan
wasewagan camp wedding
married at wasewagan camp
angelus oaks wedding in the woods

Adam+Grace met at a climbing gym. We even went rock climbing during their session (and by we, we mean them) so the fact that they got married at place with a climbing wall was only fitting.

summer camp style wedding in big bear
wasewagan on the river wedding
angelus oaks wasewagan camp wedding
angelus oaks wedding
archery camp wedding at wasewagan

Bonfire Time

After dinner when the stars came out to light the way, everyone gathered around the bonfire for drinks and smores. It was the perfect way to end a very chill wedding.

bonfire camp wedding wasewagan

Venue: Wasewagan in the Angelus Oaks