Beautiful Savage Flowers

Earlier this year Naomi of Beautiful Savage Flowers reached out about doing a little photo shoot. Photos of her studio in Irvine and the start of a quarterly digital catalog guide for her clients. The catalog includes info on seasonal blooms, cost breakdown, color schemes and of course photos of Naomi’s floral creations. We loved the idea for her to educate her clients on all things flowers but honestly were in at “Hey guys!”

Naomi is an inspiration. She started her business while she was still working full time and had plenty of sleepless nights getting her business up and running. Now she has her own studio and her flower business continues to flourish. The first time we visited her studio we felt like little kids thinking, wow when we grow up we want to have our own office studio space.

Inside the Studio

The studio is, well mostly studio work space, but upon entering you’re greeted with this gorgeous floral wall covering and a little meeting space.

studio of beautiful savage flowers inside of beautiful savage flowers

Naomi McCullough

We always love connecting the dots and reminiscing on how we met people. Like with Naomi we shot a wedding a few years ago at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano and afterwards we always send the creatives photos from the wedding because it’s their work also and they deserve to get professional photos; also we just like sharing. We didn’t even get to personally meet Naomi that wedding but little did we realize that wedding would have her keep us in mind when her best friend got engaged and was looking for a photographer. Now we have another wedding coming up in a few weeks that Naomi referred us to again and another wedding next year. Makes us feel warm and fuzzy whenever we think of the links that connect us all.

florist of beautiful savage flowers


Spring/Summer Florals

whimsical wedding floral centerpiece orange county wedding florist florist bright flower wedding centerpiece

Billy Bob. The studio mascot.

owner of beautiful savage flowers Naomi McCullough owner of Beautiful Savage Flowers


Watching anyone do something that brings them so much joy is always inspiring. This was such a fun shoot to be part of. We’re anxiously crossing our fingers to be part of the fall/winter catalog because hello Christmas!

If you’re in need of some spring/summer floral inspiration you can see the full guide on Beautiful Savage Flowers website here.


Photography + Video: Joe+Kathrina
Flowers: Beautiful Savage Flowers