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Couples August 30, 2018 Canoe Ride | Lake Arrowhead Engagement We started off their session by going on a little canoe ride on the lake. Afterwards we ran towards the sun into the woods and soaked up every last bit of light.  Couples August 22, 2018 Joshua Tree Summer Engagement Joshua Tree Summer Engagement It was at her friend's engagement party that they met. He was just working the tacos, running his business and not minding anything else. She spotted him across the room... Couples July 10, 2018 Salton Sea Engagement Session Salton Sea Engagement Session When they first met it wasn't the right time. She turned him down flat out but as he walked away she noted to her friend how disappointed he looked. A few months later, ... Couples March 20, 2018 Downtown Long Beach Engagement Session Downtown Long Beach Engagement Session They were both in an adult dodge ball league. She had no idea who he was, but he went right up to her and started to talk about Game of Thrones. Because natural... Couples February 26, 2018 Joshua Tree Winter Couples Session with Video Running through the desert in the winter, runny noses, cold hands, and all. Thomas chuckling at everything — try to get him not to smile for longer than a minute, we dare you. And Dai-Trang saying the funniest things that you'd never expect. These sessions are always our time to get to comfortable with each other. Couples January 23, 2018 Sequoia National Park Engagement | Moro Rock Engagement Session A weekend spent shacked up in the mountains. Spending an afternoon driving down windy roads, stopping wherever a tree, rock, light called to us. Ending with pizza pies and pasta and all the carbs, staying up late making smores over the stove and playing card games. Needless to stay, we became fast friends.