Galentine’s Day

February 13th. Mark it in your calendars girlies. Galentine’s day. Grab your girlfrans, blast some music, put on sequin dresses, make donuts and sip on some drinks.

This shoot was so much fun to be part of! Emilee brought us all together to use this space in Pasadena called WhimsyJane came through with the florals. Corey put together the donut DIY station and DIY’d the balloon arch for her first and last time. Ilana styled everyone with Shop Blondee earrings and styled herself in that epic Parks and Rec tee. While Joe and I just sat back, pointed where we thought a balloon should go, taste tested the drinks, tried on earrings and ate donuts.

j/k, you bet your buns we pulled out our cameras and shot the heck out of this. Make sure you watch the video at the end of this post too! If that doesn’t make you pumped for Galentine’s Day then…oh well.

Parks and Rec Breakfast Club tshirt


Yes to this shirt!



This balloon arch with flowers was such a team effort and really came out so great!


galentine's day drinks Galentine's Day editorial valentines day arrangement

Watching Jane put this arrangement together in like 30 minutes was wild. She quietly sat there and just did her thing. How cute is that little heart too!


Galentine's Day diy donut station diy donut station Galentine's Day editorial


A little BTS for you. Shout out to Andy, Emilee’s husband, with the balloon throwing.


Galentine's Day


And you must must watch the video we put together. Our favorite yet, let us know what you think!



And for all the drink recipes (which were so yum!) make sure to head on over to Tasteful Tatter’s blog!



Photography / Video: Joe+Kathrina
Production / Design: Tasteful Tatters
Production / Design: Miss Foodie aka Corey Marshall
Florals: Plain Jane Posy
Location: Whimsy Pasadena
Earrings: Shop Blondee