Category: Couples

Engagement 04.12.17

Orange County Engagement Session

Sometimes we get flabbergasted when we meet couples that are our kind of people. Like how was it that just an hour ago we were strangers and now we're running through fields of ladybugs, doing gangster poses and laughing our tushes off.

Engagement 03.01.17

El Matador Beach Engagement | Los Angeles Engagement

El Matador Beach Engagement // The skies were gray, the air was misty and the coast was slowly welcoming a light fog. Between updates on football scores, singing sweet rap songs to each other and running along the coast, it was a good time.

Engagement 02.14.17

Laguna Beach Engagement

We walked around Laguna Beach, finding little nooks and crannies. Then drove towards the coast where we jumped on rocks, ran in the water and stayed until the last bit of light left. Slow and Easy. Nothing rushed.

Anniversary 12.21.16

Rome Lovers | Italy Anniversary Session

There are some people you meet and instantly you imagine a lifelong friendship with them. Travis+Lauren beats to our heartbeat. And, as creepy as this sounds, we could have photographed them snuggling for hours. They are our kind of people.

Elopement 11.11.16

Big Bear Winter Elopement | Big Bear Wedding

You could almost hear each snowflake as they fell on our shoulders. It was just us. In this magical snow globe. Ignoring the fact that our fingers were turning a pretty shade of purple and reasoning the best way to keep warm was to snuggle.

Engagement 07.25.16

Calcata Italy Engagement

They drove us away from the city and into a quiet town on a hill. A place they hadn't been to yet and so together we explored. Four sets of eyes seeing things for the first time. Discovering alleyways and hobbit-sized doors, making friends with cats and sniffing the air of food being prepared. Simply put: it was magical. Calcata, Italy Engagement.