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Wedding March 7, 2017

440 Seaton | Industrial Warehouse Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding

There are moments in some weddings when it hits you. That you are doing more than just taking photos. You are part of two people's dreams. Finding the love they weren't sure about and sharing a moment they thought would never happen.

Wedding February 23, 2017

Behind The Scenes 2016

Over the years of putting together a behind the scenes post, pretty sure we have gotten more ridiculous. Or we're just finally realizing it. Don't answer that. Never sure if these photos actually sell anyone on hiring us but hey at least you know we have a good time.

Wedding December 1, 2016

Heritage Hill State Park Wedding | Orange County Wedding

Heritage Hill State Park Wedding They were having a hard time finding a photographer that understood their vision and one they felt connected with. So she popped her head over to her coworker and ask...

Elopement November 11, 2016

Big Bear Winter Elopement | Big Bear Wedding

You could almost hear each snowflake as they fell on our shoulders. It was just us. In this magical snow globe. Ignoring the fact that our fingers were turning a pretty shade of purple and reasoning the best way to keep warm was to snuggle.

Wedding November 3, 2016

Sequoia Retreat Center Wedding

Sequoia Retreat Center Wedding A weekend outdoors. Cabins nestled among the tall greens. A BMW 2002 (Laura's favorite) driving the winding roads. A wedding in the woods and smores two nights in a row...

Wedding October 4, 2016

Seven7Seven Wedding | Laguna Beach Wedding | Orange County Wedding

Laguna Beach Wedding Letting them laugh, be weird and squeeze each other's booty.   This is┬áBrian+Megan. COUPLES TAKE NOTE: Megan rented a house in Laguna Beach to get ready in with...