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Personal 04.17.20

One Day We’ll Have A Cabin In The Woods

One Day We'll Have A Cabin In The Woods...but for now we'll find cute A-Frame cabins on Airbnb, drive six hours to get there, and celebrate our five year wedding anniversary reminiscent of our wedding day - cold and rainy. 

Personal 03.18.20

A Slow Paris Morning

When we were looking at Airbnbs in Paris we really wanted one with the quintessential “Parisian window” (you know the one, big windows that open up to views of the city and you can sit and pose right in front of it. yeah that one) and some character. We didn’t find one with as much character as we wanted that was within our budget – hello intricate crown moldings and arched entryways – but this window made us happy.

Travel 08.21.19

Hipcamp Photographer | Sunset Hideaway and Bee Hive Trailer

Hipcamp Photographer Sunset Hideaway and Bee Hive Trailer A few years back while looking for a camp site we happened upon a website called Hipcamp. We had never heard of it before as it was still ...

Travel 03.28.19

Anza-Borrego Super Bloom

The super bloom doesn't happen every year. Thank goodness for all the rain this year the blooms came out raging. Since we failed our first attempt two years ago here are a few of our own personal tips so you can enjoy them too.

Travel 03.12.19

Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre, Paris part I  Last Fall we decided to book a trip to Paris, France. For no reason whatsoever other than the fact there was a really good deal on tickets and we've always wanted to visite...

Personal 01.31.19

Our December

The Holidays Last day of January. We can still talk about the holidays right? A lot goes on in the month of December for us personally. Other than our favorite season that is Christmas, we also ce...