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Wedding 03.04.20

Cuban Inspired Wedding at The Houdini Estate

These two are not only the coolest eva eva but they planned an outrageously fun wedding that not even the rain could stop (although it certainly tried real hard). A wedding at the Houdini Estate full of Cuban flavor with that Old Hollywood vibe. Oh it's a good one.

Wedding 06.07.19

This Couple Chose A Great Hotel For Getting Ready Photos and Portraits

Weeks leading up to Joe+Casey's wedding it was all gray, rainy weather. Come their wedding day though it was all sun and smiles. Well and a few tears from Joe. So many happy tears shed this day and it was a wonderful celebration of love found.

Wedding 09.13.18

The Casino San Clemente Wedding | Orange County Wedding

Patrick + Azia have got to be one of our most laid back couples. When we arrived the girls were just sitting around watching hair being braided, talking about high school swimming competitions and ...

Wedding 07.23.18

The York Manor Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding

The York Manor Wedding When Eric+Allison first emailed us they told us all they really wanted was pizza and beer for their wedding. We were instantly hooked. Their original venue closed down though s...

Wedding 03.07.17

440 Seaton | Industrial Warehouse Wedding | Los Angeles Wedding

There are moments in some weddings when it hits you. That you are doing more than just taking photos. You are part of two people's dreams. Finding the love they weren't sure about and sharing a moment they thought would never happen.

Wedding 07.14.16

Mission San Juan Capistrano | Franciscan Gardens Wedding | Orange County, Ca

Franciscan Gardens Wedding From her first email, she talked about how "as far as my hunny goes he's hot" and all they cared about their wedding was good photos and tacos, we were excited to meet ...